you go way too fast, if you don't slow down you're gonna crash

Side A
Artist Song
guster  barrel of a gun 
madness  house of fun 
primitives  crash 
chills  heavenly pop hit 
supergrass  pumping on your stereo 
fuzzy  gave into it 
seks bomba  jet city 
muffs  silly people 
frank black & the catholics  i love your brain 
b-52s  song for a future generation 
missing persons  windows 
police  king of pain 
robyn hitchcock  nasa clapping 
Side B
luna  dear diary 
dub pistols  keep keep moving 
death in vegas  dirge 
pet shop boys  i don't know what you want but i can't give it anymore 
natalie imbruglia  identify 
muse  muscle museum 
pearl jam  the whale song 
frontline assembly with tiffany  new year's day 
marc almond & siouxsie sioux  threat of love 
solar twins  rock the casbah 
black box recorder  child psychology 


i guess this isn't a mixtape in the strictest sense. it's a tape i made from the radio a couple years back. not the normal radio, of course. the first side is mostly from the modern rock station's "retro lunch" and from college radio; the second side is from that same modern rock station's program where they play all the new music they'd never play otherwise. i make lots of tapes from the radio, but never listen to them except every once in a while i'll take one out to listen to in the car. i discovered this one about a week ago, and found that it is perfect for night driving, though each side in a different way--the first for when you're with people, driving down the highway and having fun. the second when you're alone and you're in a spooky mood, driving on the highway or on small roads, and you want quiet creepy music. of course, since it's all random there are one or two songs i'd like to cut--the solar twins clash cover, for one--but on the whole it's perfect, and i thought i'd share.


Sean Lally
Date: 6/24/2002
Really good stuff here: Primtives, Muffs, Chills, Supergrass. Methinks you like pop music. Check out my "Toxic Pop Syndrome" series - you might dig it.
Date: 6/25/2002
me likey. what would it take to get you to send it my way? :)