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Inspired Havoc

Side A
Artist Song
David Bowie  Space Oddity 
Pink Floyd  On The Run 
Pink Floyd  Time 
Aerosmith  Livin' On The Edge 
Queen  Headlong (Radio Edit) 
Hoobastank  Crawling In The Dark 
Nirvana  Come As You Are 
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Walk On The Water 
Jimi Hendrix  Voodoo Child (slight return) 
Side B
the Animals  House of the Rising Sun 
the Byrds  Eight Miles High 
Beastie Boys  Intergalactic 
Moby  We Are All Made Of Stars 
the Chemical Brothers  Galaxy Bounce 
Black Eyed Peas  +Que Dices? 
Counting Crows  Recovering The Satellites 
Brandy  Where Are You Now? 
Lynyrd Skynyrd  Free Bird