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Etched in Stone (Goth Mix Vol. 1)

Side A
Artist Song
Heather Donahue  Intro (from 'The Blair Witch Project') 
Bauhaus  Bela Lugosi's Dead 
Switchblade Symphony  Naked Birthday 
the Shroud  Spiral Back 
Sisters of Mercy  Temple of Love (original extended version) 
Curve  Lillies Dying 
Public Image Limited  Order of Death 
X Marks the Pedwalk  Abattoir 
Rasputina  Transylvanian Concubine (Manson mix) 
the Wake  Suicide 
Skinny Puppy  Sparkless 
Tones on Tail  Christian Says 
Side B
Electric Hellfire Club  Halloween Theme 
Rosetta Stone  Adrenaline 
Bauhaus  Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? 
Switchblade Symphony  Wallflower 
KMFDM  Son of a Gun 
Psychedelic Furs  Sister Europe 
Mission UK  Wasteland 
the Cure  Charlotte Sometimes 
Death Method  White Rabbit 
David Bowie  Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) 
Sisters of Mercy  Walk Away 
Ministry  Everyday is Halloween 


Candra Gill requested a goth mix on the bulletin board, it is. There's some industrial stuff on here, too, since the two genres kind of go hand-in-hand.


g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 12/12/2000
Nice job here!