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Silently Weeping

Artist Song
Ani DiFranco  Both Hands 
Michelle Shocked  Stillborn 
Nick Drake  Clothes of Sand 
Pink Floyd  Southampton Dock 
Pink Floyd  The Final Cut 
The Flaming Lips  Waiting for a Superman 
Everything but the Girl  Single 
Archers of Loaf  Chumming the Oceans 
Gary Jules  Mad World (Tears for Fears cover) 
Randy Newman  Old Man 
John Lennon  My Mummy's Dead 
Radiohead  Exit Music (For a Film) 
Hayden  When This Is Over 
Rhoda Dakar and the Special AKA  The Boiler 
Third Eye Blind  Slow Motion (Unedited) 
Pink Floyd  Nobody Home 
Big Star  Holocaust 
Michelle Shocked  The Ballad of Penny Evans 
Tom Waits  Ruby's Arms 
Tori Amos  Me and a Gun 


It's almost 3:30 am, an appropriate hour in which to finish this mix. I'm not depressed or anything; I just wanted to make a viciously sad mix. Yeah, so there are lots of mainstream bands on here, and artists repeated? I don't care-- these are the songs that slam into my gut and leave me on the floor, helpless. You might not want to listen to all of these in one sitting.


Date: 7/31/2002
Hmmm... now it's the next morning, 10:30am, and this looks different. I wonder if 'Boiler' should be on any mix, even a Depression one. Really, that's a song you only need to hear once, eh?
i can hardly listen to "me and a gun."