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Artist Song
Ludwig van Beethoven, performed by Wilhelm Kempff  Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57 "Appassionata" I. Allegro assai 
My Bloody Valentine  Only Shallow 
The Smiths  How Soon is Now? 
The White Stripes  Death Letter 
The Sebadoh  Not Too Amused 
The Pixies  I Bleed 
The Rentals  Move On 
Wilco  Ashes of American Flags 
Jump, Little Children  B-13 
The Get Up Kids  Out of Reach 
The Counting Crows  Goodnight L.A. 
The Candy Butchers  Make No Mistake 
Jets to Brazil  Sea Anemone 
Joshua Bell and Edgar Meyer, with Sam Bush and Mike Marshall  Short Trip Home 
Simon and Garfunkel  The Only Living Boy in New York 
Ivon Novello/Moore; performed by Jeremy Northam  The Land Of Might-Have-Been 
Rivers Cuomo  Longtime Sunshine 


The inspiration, and title, of this mix both lie in an obscenely depressing statistic that was presented to me, along with my fellow students, by my heroic piano teacher: Of all the hundreds and hundreds of geniuses who apply to the Juilliard School of Piano each year, guess how many get in? That's right, twelve. As in two after ten. And one less than thirteen. I have constructed a mix in a feeble attempt to express my dashed hopes and newfound lack of self-confidence. The first track, the first movement of the Appassionata Sonata, is appropriate not only because of its incredible anger, but also because I am currently learning to play it. Heh--"play" it.
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Date: 8/29/2002
Somebody-, actually TWO somebody's, have to be THE two....there's still hope...how bad ya' want it? Great mix.
abigail dice
Date: 8/29/2002
whoa Em.....love the get up kids pick. looks like you put a lot of time into this. yeah ummm....that whole Juliard thing...it's why I chose not to study music! ack. but yeah. nice picks. very nicely done. yay!
Date: 8/29/2002
fabulous mix and best of luck.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 8/30/2002
and to think I turned them down......NOT! ;o)
Date: 9/4/2002
Is it wrong to enjoy depressing mixes so much?? I love it!
Date: 9/5/2002
how good is this mix? really really good. i gotta hear that rivers track! and the guk pick is my fav song by them. 2-11... all very very very good.
Date: 10/5/2002
Don't let it bring you down, depression gets out the best in us. A very moving CD.