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mat ratz soundtrack

Side A
Artist Song
elastica  your arse, my place 
the jam  the modern world 
buzzcocks  i don't mind 
wire  lowdown 
rondelles  do it for me 
blondie  accidents never happen 
ramones  beat on the brat 
x-ray spex  warrior in woolworths 
the adverts  quick step 
ash  angel interceptor 
the raincoats  fairytale in the supermarket 
sex pistols  no feelings 
Side B
ramones  i wanna be sedated 
le tigre  let's run 
x-ray spex  art-i-ficial 
the clash  train in vain 
kenickie  come out 2 nite 
wire  three girl rhumba 
the rentals  these days 
elastica  in the city 
buzzcocks  you say you don't love me 
the stranglers  nice 'n' sleazy 
the damned  new rose 
blondie  i didn't have the nerve to say no 
bis  dead wrestlers 


i was very afraid of punk music once, but i wrote this thing called 'mat ratz' and i got over my fear. the story is basically a cheesey gay, wacky romantic comedy-type deal about a guy named jenz x who plays keyboards in a punk band called cherries jubilee in the very early '80s. and the pro wrestler who becomes quite taken with him. so, there's two stories going on at once: this silly romance, and the rise and fall of a punk band, heavily influenced by blondie and the ramones, that never even record so much as a seven-inch before they break up. i had to do a lot of research into early punk music, vintage keyboards, to get a sense of what jenz would be likely to play, or what he'd listen to. so, some of these songs reflect things in the story, while some are what the band would sound like. and, i also took liberties by pulling from more modern bands that seemed to have "that sound." it was all great fun to write, but terribly challenging, as i don't generally do things that are quite so upbeat and quirky. this music still makes me smile.


Date: 9/14/2002
Nice mix with lots of great tracks and your story sounds like something I wouldn't mind reading.
Date: 9/14/2002
This is good, and your story also sounds fantastic.
Date: 9/15/2002
Date: 9/15/2002
Date: 10/11/2002
This looks super fine Jamie. Sounds like a good story too. I apologize for overlooking it when it was first posted. It seems you have to check this site daily in order not to miss anything!