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Way Past Noontime, I'm Late For Work

Artist Song
Nick Drake  Been Smoking Too Long 
Nick Drake  Clothes Of Sand 
Nick Drake  Day Is Done 
Nick Drake   Strange Meeting II 
Nick Drake  Parasite 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Nick Drake  True Song 
Nick Drake  Which Will 
Nick Drake  Harvest Breed 
Nick Drake  Sunday 
Nick Drake  Fly 
Nick Drake  Ride 
Nick Drake   At The Chime Of A City Clock 
Nick Drake  Way To Blue 
Nick Drake  Place To Be 
Nick Drake   Milk And Honey 
Nick Drake  Know 


I hate single artists mixes. But as I was listening to so much Nick Drake lately, I thought 'c'mon Anton, why not just do it?' So I did it. I made a mix of my favourite Nick Drake songs. Well, my favourites at the time. Inevitably they'll change every day.
It was surprisingly easy making a Drake mix because all of his songs, while different in many ways, still sound similar in an almost enigmatic way. Which is nice. And it means each songs leads in to the other nicely! I really like the way that 'Sunday' - a beautiful instrumental track - is around the middle of the mix, giving a quick break from the intensity of emotion which Nick's voice evokes. The ending also really does it for me, with those four-odd notes of 'Know' coupled with Nick humming along and then singing softly...'know that I love you.' Amazing stuff.

By the way, my favourite Nick Drake track? Definitely Been Smoking Too Long. Fuckin' incredible!



Emily Stein
Date: 10/3/2002
Oh, this is so lovely. I've never seen a Nick Drake mix before, and it is about time. Really nice job. :)