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Paradise in the Desert

Artist Song
Oasis  Hello 
Oasis  Don't Go Away 
Oasis  Hey Hey, My My 
Oasis  Half the World Away 
Oasis  Masterplan 
Oasis  Talk Tonight 
Oasis  Supersonic 
Oasis  Wonderwall 
Oasis  D'you Know What I Mean 
Oasis  Gas Panic 
Oasis  Fuckin in the Bushes 
Oasis  Live Forever 
Oasis  Don't Look Back in Anger 
Oasis  She's Electric 
Oasis  Cast No Shadow 
Oasis  Who Feels Love 
Oasis  Acquiecse 
Oasis  Champagne Supernova 


One of the great British rock bands of our time. A collection of their best songs.


abigail dice
Date: 10/4/2002
mmmmmm. nice. no tracks from the latest record I see..... :(
Felix Weyhrauch1
Date: 10/5/2002
I'm sorry to say that you are deadly mistaken. OASIS IS THE BEST BRITISH ROCK BAND OF OUR TIMES: Show me one band that would put a track as good as the Masterplan on a b-side. You should really include some tracks of the new album, but some exquisit joints here anyway. Oasis Ultras Forever.
Crash Landon
Date: 10/5/2002
I don't have the latest record yet, I am a poor college student, and no one I know has it so I can copy it either.
Date: 10/14/2002
as for the b-sides comment, do you listen to radiohead?