Under The Table Together With You: The Best of Pulp, vol. 3 (album tracks)

Artist Song
pulp (from it, 1983)  love love 
from freaks (1987)  anorexic beauty 
also from freaks  don't you know 
from separations (1992)  don't you want me anymore? 
from his n hers (1994)  joyriders 
also from his n hers  acrylic afternoons 
also also from his n hers  happy endings 
from different class (1995)  i spy 
also from different class  monday morning 
also also from different class  bar italia 
from this is hardcore (1998)  the fear 
also from this is hardcore  sylvia 
from we love life (2001)  the night minnie temperley died 
also from we love life  wickerman 
also also from we love life  the birds in your garden 


oh, it was hard to get this down to fifteen. i couldn't put i want you, or pink glove, or i'm a man, or glory days, or bob lind...... alas. this would probably be better overall if i arranged it thematically instead of chronologically, going from bar italia to the fear doesn't make much sense, and neither does ending with wickerman and the birds in your garden.


Date: 10/6/2002
my favourite of your 3 pulp mixes. my favourite tracks off my favourite weren't released as singles. [but wasn't the fear released??]
Date: 10/6/2002
i'm not sure. according to bar italia, the big pulp site, it wasn't. i know i've seen radio promo singles for it....
Date: 10/7/2002
lovely. hi bluey! where's my cd?? lol and you never gave me your address.
Date: 10/7/2002
'Anorexic beauty' will forever be the song of my fifteenth year- a spookily gorgeous song if there ever was one...