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Antons "Drinking Brandy and Smoking Cigars" Mix

Artist Song
Bach  Violin Concerto in Dm 
Mozart  Fantasia in D minor 
Yuhki Kuramoto  On The Shore 
Pachebel  Canon in D (Piano Solo) 
Yo-Yo Ma  Sonata For Cello & Piano in Gm 
Bach   Sonata No. 3 Adagio 
Yuhki Kuramoto  Scene Of La Seine 
Yo-Yo Ma  Sarabande 


Guaranteed to make your student flat seem really classy. This may look like a short mix, but it's a good 45-50 odd minutes of music. And it's not just classical, it's classical style pieces that exude class and genius. Love them! xox - Anton. P.S. Obviously I love the key of Dm.


abigail dice
Date: 10/8/2002
whoa, very nice. oh god I would LOVE to hear that Canon In D piano solo. I bet it sounds marvelous! and even though I usually prefer Chopin, I love the Bach and Mozart you've got here. nice job!
Emily Stein
Date: 10/9/2002
Hey, this is really nice. I love your Mozart pick--anyone who doesn't put "Eine Klein Nachtmusik" as their nod to classical music appreciation always gets fifty bonus points from me. :)