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Chill Mix Number 3

Artist Song
Jack Johnson  It's All Understood 
Fiona Apple  Love Ridden 
DJ Shadow  Six Days 
Delfonics  Stay In My Corner 
David Gray  Please Forgive Me 
Bob Marley  Sun Is Shining 
Ben Kweller  In Other Words 
Money Mark  Never Stop  
Pink Floyd  Wish You Were Here (Acoustic) 
Radiohead  Knives Out 
Rufus Wainwright  The Consort 
Ry Cooder  Paris, Texas 
Tom McRae  The Boy With The Bubblegun 
Mojave 3  In Love With A View 


How much do I love chill mixes? A lot! Why? Because I love chilling. Well, I'm not going to write the same kind of detailed notes on every song like I did last time. Or maybe I will. I'm undecided as I write this intro.I've decided against it. Rock on! (Or Chill on perhaps). P.S. I really like this mix. It's one of my favourites. It's all over the place (in that it mixes in a strange way), but every song is cool. And I haven't heard most of them that much so I love them all.