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Keats and Yeats are on your side

Artist Song
The Fall  Just Step S'ways 
The Smiths  Cemetry Gates 
Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot  Bonnie and Clyde 
Camper van Beethoven  Jack Ruby 
Les Savy Fav  Tragic Monsters 
Pinback  Shag 
Curtis Mayfield  Pusherman 
The Make Up  Free Arthur Lee 
The Breeders  So Sad About Us 
The New Pornographers  Letter From an Occupant 
The Pogues  If I Should Fall From Grace With God 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  New Morning 
Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel  Spent on Rainy Days 
My Morning Jacket  Heartbreakin' Man 
Blackalicious with DJ Shadow  Swan Lake 
The Cure  Six Different Ways 
McLusky  Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues 
Supergrass  Caught By the Fuzz 
Johnny Cash  Personal Jesus 
Wilson Pickett  Hey Jude 
The Rolling Stones  Waiting on a Friend 


Smash hits of the '80s, '90s and today, with a few earlier detours--another mix made for my friend Brian. The Go-Betweens' "Cattle and Cane" would have been included if not for time constraints. A sidenote: at this point, with Conor Oberst songs appearing on more than a third of my posted mixes, there is probably no way for me to continue denying that I like Bright Eyes. Conor may tap into some subterranean drama-queen-with-a-thesaurus tendencies in me that I'm not entirely comfortable with, but sometimes that's what's needed.


bufo alvarius
Date: 12/2/2002
Yet another fantastic mix, Ben. The Fall, Smiths, MMJ, Nick Cave, Camper, etc., etc., Excellent from top to bottom.
Date: 12/2/2002
Boy, this looks great.
p the swede
Date: 12/3/2002
wow really great stuff, just to include one of my fav stones nearly made my day ;)
Date: 12/3/2002
Hmmmmm, nice!Some really great picks on here.
Date: 12/3/2002
I love pretty much everything on this mix! Fun and eclectic, just the way I like it!
Date: 12/3/2002
great mix. some new songs by some old fav.'s. bright eyes-that guy and eddie veddar should just have a good cry.