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Mirror Moebius Strip

Side A
Artist Song
New Seekers  I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke (commercial cut) 
D.O.A.  Where Evil Grows 
Led Zeppelin  Misty Mountain Hop 
Blind Melon  The Pusher 
Black Sabbath  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 
Uncle Tupelo  I Wanna Be Your Dog 
The Who  The Kids Are Alright 
Big Black  He's a Whore 
The Beatles  Come Together 
Nine Inch Nails  (You're So) Physical 
Peter Paul & Mary  Leaving on a Jet Plane 
Rasputina  Wish You Were Here 
Side B
Pink Floyd  Wish You Were Here 
Mr. T. Experience  Kiss Me and Smile for Me (Leaving on a Jet Plane) 
Adam Ant  (You're so) Physical 
Soundgarden  Come Together 
Cheap Trick  He's a Whore 
The Queers  The Kids Are Alright 
The Stooges  I Wanna Be Your Dog 
The Cardigans  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 
Steppenwolf  The Pusher 
Devo  Uncontrollable Urge (live Misty Mountain Hop mix) 
Poppy Family  Where Evil Grows 
Brutal Juice  I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke 


It's a palindrome mix, and it alternates, so the first song is an original, the next is a cover, and so on. I wanted to keep it entirely of covers of 60s classics, but you can't have it all! :) Oh, here's a pic of the cover:
update: argh. I posted the playlist at 3am and made some mistakes, but I've corrected them.
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Date: 1/3/2003
Date: 7/23/2003
Nest of Vipers
Date: 1/19/2004
that's pretty freakin' cool