i had a hairdo: songs for a girl

Artist Song
thee headcoatees  wild man 
marianne faithfull  i'm a loser 
kleenex-LiLiPUT  hitch-hike 
pulp  ansaphone 
the supremes  the happening 
the streetwalkin cheetahs  satisfy 
the minions at a certain evil corporation  the spectrum song 
evan dando and sabrina brooke  summer wine 
throwing muses  freeloader 
6x  be my baby 
the cupons  turn her down 
the vaselines  the day i was a horse 
shaggy  oh carolina 
helicopter helicopter  bottom of the ocean 
the b-52's  give me back my man 
the breeders  flipside 
francoise hardy  il est tout pour moi 
johnny dowd  god created woman 
the raincoats  fairytale in the supermarket 
errol dunckley  you're gonna need me 
in the time it takes 
the magnetic fields  underwear 
the pixies   hey 
star ghost dog  plus de vaches 
jane jensen  luv song 


this is a mix for a girl who makes me crepes on a regular basis, for whom i was going to burn cd copies of all my dave clark 5 records until my record player decided to be all uncooperative. so i made her this mix instead. it's not really much like the dave clark 5, but anybody who doesn't like 'hey' or 'luv song' is a heartless monster anyway.


Date: 1/5/2003
i like 'hey' a lot