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Tributes and Mockery

Artist Song
Cake  Frank Sinatra 
They Might Be Giants  We're the Replacements 
The Replacements  Alex Chilton 
The Minutemen  Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing 
fIREHOSE  For the Singer of REM 
Uncle Tupelo  D Boon 
Sleater Kinney  I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone 
Weston  Liz Phair 
The Negro Problem  The Teardrop Explodes 
Julian Cope  Bill Drummond Said 
Bill Drummond  Julian Cope Is Dead 
Eileen Rose  Tom Waits Crooning 
Bob Dylan  High Water (for Charley Patton) 
Syd Barrett  Bob Dylan's Blues 
Jude  Rick James 
Catatonia  The Ballad of Tom Jones 
Neil Young  From Hank to Hendrix 
John Lennon  Oh, Yoko 
Jonathan Richman  Velvet Underground 
Young Fresh Fellows  Amy Grant 
Flipper's Guitar  Goodbye Our Pastels Badges (live) 
Brainwarmer  Elliot Smith's Guitar 
House of Love  The Beatles and the Stones 


Took me a while to come up with the songs for this gimmick mix. A collection of music that either pays homage to or insults other artists. My main criteria was that the name of the subject being honored (or slammed) had to be in the song's title. I was surprised at how much I was able to come up with. (That Brainwarmer song is almost too twee for me, but the lyrics crack me up: "It makes me crazy/Wanna have its baby/Elliot Smith's guitar".) Some songs that didn't make the mix, among others: YFF, "Hank, Karen, and Elvis"; Toots & the Maytals, "Desmond Dekker Came First"; Talulah Gosh, "Pastels Badge"; Dandy Warhols, "Cool as Kim Deal".


Date: 1/13/2003
I haven't heard most of these, but I love the idea!
Date: 1/13/2003
Great idea, stellar execution...., fantastic song to finish it!
Date: 1/13/2003
I'm with my friend Valis here. Looks like a lovely piece o' work.