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Artist Song
Beck  Today Has Been a Fucked Up Day 
Avalanches  Tonight 
Pulsars  Tales from Tomorrow 
Wire  I Feel Mysterious Today 
Joni Mitchell  This Flight Tonight 
Nobukazu Takemura  For Tomorrow (Childlike Mix) 
Mum  I'm 9 Today 
Red Red Meat  There's a Star Above the Manger Tonight 
Stereolab  Tomorrow Is Already Here 
Beach Boys  Here Today 
Air  The Way You Look Tonight 
Elliott Smith  Tomorrow Tomorrow 
Trans Am  Where Do You Want to Fuck Today? 
Busta Rhymes  Get High Tonight 
Laurie Anderson  Same Time Tomorrow 
Negro Problem  If You Would Have Traveled on the 93 North Today 
Ween  I'm Dancing in the Show Tonight 
Beatles  Tomorrow Never Knows 
They Might Be Giants  People Died Today 
Microphones  Tonight There'll Be Clouds 
Velvet Underground  All Tomorrow's Parties 
David Bowie  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (live) 



Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 2/15/2003
Love love love the concept. Wanna trade some mixes?