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who acts uprightly

Side A
Artist Song
barrington levy  under me sensi 
dennis brown  man next door 
johnny osbourne  truth and rights 
the abyssinians  mandela 
the slickers  johnny too bad 
lone ranger  the answer 
sound dimension  real rock 
ashanti waugh  babylon wrong 
sister nancy  bam-bam 
norma fraser  the first cut is the deepest 
al brown  here i am baby 
lee perry  jungle lion 
desmond dekker  007 (shanty town) 
morgan heritage & bounty killer  guns in the ghetto 
Side B
ken boothe  set me free 
cedric im brooks & the sound dimension  mun-dun-gu 
the maytals  night and day 
dawn penn  no, no, no 
jah woosh  marcus say 
cornell campbell w/ the brentford rockers  natty don't go 
karl bryan & the afrokats  money generator 
ernest ranglin  surfin' 
prince jammy  throne of blood 
byron lee  rocksteady 
freddy mcgregor  bobby bobylon 
marcia griffiths  feel like jumping 
the marvels  rock steady 
jacob miller  healing of the nation 


if you thought it would be intimidating to make a mix for teapin, well, you'd be right. but i thought i was doing well, making some informed choices and adding some nods to "you ain't got to be so blind" (the other half of the mix pack that i was sending him). and then he asked me "did you mean to put 'bobby bobylon' on there twice?" not even two songs by the same artist, or two separate artists covering a particular track. no. THE SAME SONG. BY THE SAME ARTIST. christ, i'm an amateur. somewhere, somehow, on side one, i'd put it on the mix and forgotten to write it down. and then i went ahead and stuck it on side two. my short-term memory is apparently non-existent. i couldn't even pretend that it was supposed to be there, like a secret track. good lord.


Date: 3/10/2003
This looks great.
Date: 3/10/2003
"Shanty town" is in my top 10 all time.. this is really great and hey excessive reggae can cause short term memory loss
Date: 3/11/2003
Date: 3/11/2003
as i've told you before, it sounds great both times. love that prince jammy track, especially as it comes after "surfin" [awesome] and just before "rocksteady" [hey! i told you how happy i was to have this en digitale]. this one has a permanent place next to the boombox.
Date: 5/3/2003
hey, this is a really wonderful reggae - mix!