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William Orbit - best of

Artist Song
William Orbit  777 
William Orbit  Barbarik 
William Orbit  Mourlough Shore (with Caroline Lavelle) 
William Orbit  Water From a Vine Leaf - Xylem Flow Mix (with Beth Orton) 
William Orbit  Ogive Number 1 (Erik Satie) 
William Orbit  Montok Point 
William Orbit  Say Anything 
William Orbit  Million Town (with Beth Orton) 
William Orbit  Hinterland 
William Orbit  A Touch of the Night 
William Orbit  The Story of Light 
William Orbit  Into the Paradise 
William Orbit  Gringatcho Demento 


The best of William Orbit, according to me. William Orbit: electronic, soft (though not tepid), music. Dreamy, positive, often powerful, though in a very light-handed way. These are my favourite songs of his, except for one: his version of the Polish composer G=recki's "Piece in the Old Style 1". But I used that track in a student film of mine; the rule with pieces of music that I use in my films is: I love them to death, which is why I use them in my films, but scrutinising them a million and one times during the laborious editing process makes me so sick of them I never want to hear them again :( (which is why I didn't include it on this mix when I made it). That track was off William Orbit's "Pieces in a Modern Style" CD, where he made electronic versions of various pieces of classical music (including the Satie track on this compilation). Off this same album is a piece of music that you may have heard even if you don't think you've heard William Orbit before: the heart wrenching "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber, which was popularised by the Oliver Stone film "Platoon", then redone by William Orbit, whose version was then re-done into a trillion and one cheesy house-trance songs, which you've probably heard whether you like it or not ;)
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