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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

oh we're so romantic.

Side A
Artist Song
blondie  x offender 
belly  untitled and unsung 
the ramones  do you wanna dance 
the cars  shake it up 
op ivy  i got no 
john brown battery  another movie about relationships 
true north  breaking keys 
rainer maria  ears ring 
red monkey  waiting for now 
alix olson  eve's mouth 
future bible heroes  i'm a vampire 
modest mouse  alone down there 
modest mouse  the stars are projectors 
the clash  the right profile 
Side B
tom waits  i don't wanna grow up 
twelve hour turn  this papermill is getting to me 
drums & tuba  sevens 
magnetic fields  i'm sorry i love you 
the microphones  there's no invincible disguise that lasts all day 
shemo  noon alarm 
jolie rickman  emma goldman 
shellac  killers 
bon jovi  living on a prayer 
sonic youth  touch me i'm sick 
the butchies  no, you don't even know 
the descendents  bikeage 
the ramones  i wanna be your boyfriend 
rainer maria  the awful truth of loving 


Is this a failure of a valentine's tape? You'd think one wouldn't put "i'm sorry i love you" on a tape for the person you love more than anyone else, ever. I think it was taken with good humor...


Date: 3/15/2003
lovely lovely lovely....