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Music for Scorpios and anyone else with white-noise in their head

Artist Song
Nine Inch Nails  Starfuckers Inc. (Charlie Clouser version) 
Autechre  Blifil 
Amon Tobin  Get your snack on 
Philip Boa & the Voodoo Club  Turnips (Aphex Twin remix) 
The Orb  Montagne D'or (Der Gvte Berg) - (Vestax mix) 
Zdzislaw Piernik & Slawomir Janicki  Dialogues for tuba, double bass, and tape 
Autechre  Gantz Graf 
Amon Tobin  Golfer vrs Boxer 
Bogdan Raczynski  Trance and Burn 
Autechre  Rettic Ac 
Autechre  Pen Expers 
Mu-Ziq  Brace Yourself (Aphex Twin remix) 
Amon Tobin  Reanimator 
Autechre  Cap.IV 


If you sometimes have "white noise" in your head, and inner peace is but a dream, I find that sometimes the best remedy is to simply go with it - to match the intensity of your mind with some really full-on music and just let your brain bask in it until it becomes pleasantly satiated - like a cerebral sprint around the block. The music on this mix is intense, restless, edgy, complicated, syncopated, richly textured and detailed. In short, a mind fuck - and a pretty glorious one at that (and quite 'listenable to', I find). Mostly electronic music, except Amon Tobin's stuff, which is sample-based music from the Ninja Tune label, and the Piernik & Janicki track which is Polish "jass" music.
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 3/23/2003 it white noise or pink's Coo
L !
interesting pic.
Date: 3/24/2003
A litte heavy on the autechtre but looks good. I am a scorpio and I love noise. Id be interesting in trading for this. let me know.