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Mr P's Beautiful Mix

Artist Song
Eels  Your Lucky Day in Hell (970823) 
Eels  Dark End of the Street (000710) 
Eels  Not Ready Yet (000710) 
Eels  Open the Door (980510) 
Eels  It's a Motherfucker (020403) 
Eels  Nothing Inside (000710) 
Eels  Flower (970824) 
Eels  Novocaine for the Soul (970824) 
Eels  Get Your Beautiful Freak On (020403) 
Eels  That's Not Really Funny (020403) 
Eels  Packing Blankets (000710) 
Eels  Livin' Life (980510) 
Eels  Can't Help Falling in Love (000326) 
Eels  Daisies of the Galaxy (020314) 
Eels  Woman Driving, Man Sleeping (020403) 
Eels  3 Speed (980510) 
Eels  Ant Farm (980930) 
Eels  Electro-Shock Blues (980930) 
Eels  Sad Clown 020403) 
Eels  Climbing to the Moon (980510) 
Eels  The Medication Is Wearing Off (980510) 
Eels  My Descent into Madness (980510) 
Eels  Mr E's Beautiful Blues (000710) 
Eels  PS. You Rock My World (Beautiful Freak) (980930) 


All live Eels. The name might suck but Mr Plume has the last say. At least he didn't go with "Your Lucky Mix in Hell".
Best song of the mix: Nothing Inside. It's a little gem, they oughta release it sometime.
Biggest regret: That I couldn't fit a 15 minute version of Not Ready Yet.
"Get Your Beautiful Freak On" is a cover of Missy Elliot's Get Ur Freak On. Very interesting. And there's an Elvis cover too, how diverse.
There is a CD cover too. See below. It's a bad screenshot and I haven't worked out how to use the program properly and so on and so forth but you can get the general idea of how it's supposed to look.
This mix is sort of dedicated to Abigail who is the mix master and made me interested in it. And also rekindled my passion for Eels. Two for the price of one.
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Date: 4/7/2003
The Eels are amazing; easily one of my favorite bands.
abigail dice1
Date: 4/8/2003
awwwwww! horray! *claps* this is so terribly wonderful. (I mean, terribly in THE best way) :) *Hugs* much <3 to you.