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If You Don't Want to Spit Game With Me Anymore, Then Just Let Me Know

Side A
Artist Song
Squirrel Bait  Rose Island Road 
Junction  Pinewood Derby 
The Pixies  Alec Eiffel 
True Love  Dirty Dog 
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists  My Vien Ilin 
Flakemusic  Mieke 
Andi Wondersound  Hard to Follow 
Squeeze  Pulling Mussels (from a Shell) 
The Grass Roots  Temptation Eyes 
Big Star  Back of a Car 
R.E.M.  West of the Fields 
Truck Stop Love  Listen to her Heart 
Vitreous Humor  Looper 
Hungry Wolf 
Superchunk  Detroit Has a Skyline 
Fluf  Hashin' it Out 
Husking Bee  Sun Myself 
Dillinger Four  Mosh for Jesus 
Party of Helicopters  Bastard Motherfucker 
Smile  Picture Made Past 
Side B
The Swirlies  House of Pancakes 
Professor Small  Animals at the Disco 
MC Paul Barman  Housemate Troubles 
Kool Keith  Maxi Curls 
Public Enemy  She Watch Channel Zero?! 
Splinter Faction  Bug Report 
New Black  Rush Hour Radio 
Popdefect  Bob Says No 
Thin White Line  Under the Blades of Love 
Circle Jerks  Back Against the Wall 
The Germs  What We do is Secret 
Bad Brains 
D.R.I.  Balance of Terror 
Spazz  Spudboy 
Swiz  Paralysis 
Kind of like Spitting  Dodge Dart 
Giant Sand  Loretta and the Insect World 
The Shivers  Cult 45 
American Music Club  The Dead Part of You 
The Replacements  Left of the Dial 
The Karl Hendricks Trio  It Could be a Miracle Part Two 


So, uh, yeah. The last time I posted a mix, I went on and on about how my mixes for the past couple years have been progressively disappointing me more and more, and how they've been pretty narrow in their scope. So I really wanted to have my next mix be, well, more of a mix. I think I did a pretty good job in keeping it varied.

Some production notes about the cover and title: for the past six years or so, I've been collecting found documents, and I figured that I'd put some of them to use for graphic design purposes. I used a photo, a page from a coloring book, and a letter, all unrelated for the artwork for this mix. I got the title of the mix from the letter, which is one of the better letters I've found. Brandy left the letter on the truck of Larry (who then promptly discarded it, apparently), and in it she asks why he doesn't call her, why he's avoiding her, so on. It culminates with her saying, "If you don't want to spit game with me any more, then just let me know." Boo-yah!
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Kylen O''Sullivan
Date: 4/16/2003
I'm glad to see Ted Leo on there, tell me, were you a fan before or after Rolling Stone amde mention of him?
Date: 4/16/2003
found documents are friggin awesome. and this mix is definitley varied. congrats!
Ben Frazier
Date: 4/16/2003
He was in Rolling Stone?
Ben Frazier
Date: 4/16/2003
Uh...I guess that answers your question.
Date: 4/17/2003
big thumbs up.
jessica lynn
Date: 4/10/2007
So many classics (and should-be-classics) on here. <3.