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Who Needs Tomorrow? (The 20th Anniversary of My Senior Prom)

Artist Song
Jerry Lee Lewis & His Pumping Piano  High School Confidential 
John Mayer  83 
Buckner and Garcia  Pac Man Fever 
Violent Femmes  American Music 
Eddie Rabbit  I Love A Rainy Night 
Joe Jackson   Steppin' Out 
Eddie Fisher  Philadelphia 
Vic Chestnutt  Old Hotel 
Def Leppard  Photograph 
David Bowie  DJ 
Steely Dan  Bad Sneakers 
Journey  Don't Stop Believin' 
Van Halen   Dance The Night Away 
Elvis Costello  No Dancing 
Blondie  Sound-A-Sleep 
Devo  Whip It 
Dire Straits  Twisting By The Pool 
Thomas Dolby  Blinded By Science 
Joe Jackson Band  Awkward Age 
Journey  Faithfully 
Fountains of Wayne  Prom Theme 
Quasi  It's Raining 
Roy Oribson   Crying 
Gloria Gaynor  I Will Survive 


This mix is actually the soundtrack to a two-part essay that I posted to my website this week(check out the 4/14 and 4/15 entries at http://marimbadog.easyjournal.com to read "Who Needs Tomorrow? My Senior Prom Revisited"). The essay is about my senior prom, although this mix contains songs recorded long before, around the time of, and long after my prom, which was in 1983.
The songs on the mix follow the basic storyline of my essay. This is a tentative track list--I'm not sure everything will fit, so if there are changes, I'll make them later. But the final track list should be pretty close to this. What you won't find here is the actual theme to my prom, Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight" (hence the title of the essay/mix). I don't have it in my collection, and I don't really like it anyway.


Date: 4/18/2003
Looks like a lot of fun! "Pac Man Fever" and Quasi on the same mix could be a first. I don't like that Bob Seger song either.
Date: 4/18/2003
This is too funny, Rich. I think a lot of this I'd like to forget, though! (ie, Journey!) I would've left off BS as well. Happy 20th anniversary. For some reason I feel really old now.
Sean Lally
Date: 4/18/2003
Ha! I looked at the title and figured, ok, there has to be at least one Journey song on here. Yep. Man, I swear - the prom should almost not exist. It causes so much angst. I see it happening to my students now, and you don't even want to know my prom (or rather, not-going-to-the-prom) story. Actually, it's not interesting - it's just pathetic. Anyway, I'll look forward to the essay.
Date: 4/18/2003
Oooh..., well...., Happy 20th Rich...., I was thinking the other day about my reunion coming up in the fall....shouldn't you be allowed to play the music that you *should've* been listening to instead of the stuff you really were listening to..? Discuss.
Scott K
Date: 4/19/2003
This works nicely as a soundtrack. Love the Dan choice especially. Now I HAVE to check out the essay!