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every light on this side of the town, suddenly it all went down

Artist Song
coldplay  warning sign 
firewater  secret 
damien jurado  abilene 
fountains of wayne  i'll do the driving 
jude  prophet 
elliott smith  somebody that i used to know 
ida  shotgun 
the softies  until you tell 
the mountain goats  distant stations 
lifter puller  double straps 
liz phair  perfect world 
low  july 
elliott smith  easy way out 
damien jurado  intoxicated hands 
nada surf  80 windows 
coldplay  spies 
the minders  light 


what am i trying to say here? (credit jason molina for the title)


Date: 4/27/2003
Adam Bristor
Date: 4/7/2004
Mountain Goats...Lifter Puller...yeah, that's pretty cool. Nice one.