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Dark but Beautiful - A Mix for Lars

Artist Song
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  West Country Girl 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Where the Wild Roses Grow 
Type O Negative  Everything Dies 
Monster Magnet  Your Lies Become You 
Rob Dougan  Speed Me Towards Death 
Nick Cave and Barry Adamson  The Sweetest Embrace 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Henry Lee 
Rob Dougan  Left Me For Dead 
Type O Negative  Red Water (Christmas Mourning) 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  The Kindness of Strangers 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Crow Jane 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  O'Malley's Bar 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Death is Not the End 
Monster Magnet  See You in Hell 


Made this mix for a coworker - he's a great guy with great musical taste, so I wanted to share some of my own faves with him. I put this disk together to spotlight Nick Cave's beautiful but dark and brooding tunes about murder and lost love, and who better to mix with that than Type O Negative, Rob Dougan, and some of the less space-rockish Monster Magnet songs.
Including the 14 minute O'Malley's Bar epic is a chore on any mix, but it seemed to fit in here, after all. The mood of "See You in Hell" is actually a lift after the mayhem at O'Malley's.
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The coworker
Date: 4/29/2003
I am touched. This cover, the font, the work and love put into this CD is ... well simply uplifting :-)

hope the songs are too ;-)