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We're Kicking it OLD SCHOOL

Artist Song
The Replacements  We're Coming Out 
Rites of Spring  Hain's Point 
Embrace  Dance of Days 
Squirrel Bait  Choose Yr Poison 
Hnsker Dn  59 Times the Pain 
Dag Nasty  Under Your Influence 
Government Issue  Caring Line 
Descendents  Silly Girl 
Naked Raygun  Soldier's Requiem 
Verbal Assault  Scared 
Ignition  Anger Means 
Soul Side  Punch the Geek 
Swiz  Nine 
Lost  Skyscraper 
Superchunk  Slack Motherfucker 
Hnsker Dn  Don't Wanna Know if You Are Lonely 
Samiam  Underground 
Fuel  Disengaged 
411  Carnal Knowledge 
All  Carnage 
Big Drill Car  Take Away 
Slap of Reality  Where's It Going 
Shades Apart  On the Inside 
Kingface  Like a King 
Rain  Worlds at War 
Shudder to Think  Jade-Dust Eyes 
Dag Nasty  Exercise 


So I've been doin this band project with this younger feller who's into a lot of newish indie/post-hardcore/emo/whatever. I made this for him as his proto-post-hardcore indoctrination... Kind of a primer to the pre-Nevermind state of post-punk. There's not a lot of bands on here that were really tagged with any of those labels, but it's pretty hard to deny that they laid the framework for the stuff that's flooding MTV today.

This was before "emo" meant having perfectly groomed sideburns, playing acoustic guitar and whining about your old girlfriend; this is when emo meant being a grimy quasi-hippie, playing a beat-to-shit thrift store electric, and....uh...whining about your old girlfriend.
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Jimmy James1
Date: 12/19/2003
This is sheer brilliance! All the new emo just don't cut it w/ me because I remember all the real stuff like this.