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Up on the Down Low

Artist Song
Secret Stars  Wait 
Kind of Like Spitting  Birds of a Feather 
T.W. Walsh  Old Fashioned Way of Speaking 
Scud Mountain Boys  A Ride 
Ida  Maybelle 
Rachel's  Tea Merchants 
Death Cab for Cutie  Company Calls Epilogue (Alternate Take) 
The Van Pelt  The Good, the Bad and the Blind 
Pedro the Lion  Options 
Dismemberment Plan  Spider in the Snow 
Andi Wondersound  Collapsible 
Mark Eitzel  Some Bartenders Have the Gift of Pardon 
Pernice Brothers  Chicken Wire 
The Decembersists  Cocoon 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Two Headed Boy, Part II 
Vermont  These Dudes, They Got a Band 


So I was doing this rock project with this feller(same rock project as referenced in "We're Kicking it Old School," but different feller), and I went to see his...uh..."solo project" at alocal record store. This was the first time I had heard any of his acoustic/singer-songwriter stuff, and it was pretty damn good. Anyway, the conversation we had afterwards inspired me to make him this "mellow mix" before he left town, just some good, quiet-ish stuff to listen to as he drove cross country.
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