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It's Only the End of the World

Artist Song
Godspeed You! Black Emperor  East Hastings 
Mogwai  Summer (Priority Version) 
Goldfrapp  Utopia 
Black Box Recorder  It's Only the End of the World 
Slint  Good Morning, Captain 
Galaxie 500  Tugboat 
Jarvis Cocker  A Cheat (Lee Hazelwood cover) 
Trail Of Dead  Crowning Of A Heart 
Cat Power  Mr. Gallo 
M. Ward  Let's Dance 
Marine Girls  A Place In The Sun 
Young Marble Giants  Eating Noddemix 
The Breeders  Off You 
The Beta Band  Squares 
Smog  Jesus (Peel Session & VU cover) 
Nina Nastasia  Ugly Face 


I know that the song "Final Day" by Young Marble Giants would have just been perfect for this mix (especially since the song is about the end of the world and that's the title and theme to this mix) BUT I already have that song on several cds, so I wanted to put a song by the band that I don't have. That's probably the only thing I regret about this mix. Overall, it works really well for my current need for extremely morose music since the Fall season is upon us. I'm just waiting for those depressing, chilly, overcast days to begin (and I live in Florida,dammit!) Not that I want them to but I know that they're coming. The Goldfrapp song always gets me teary-eyed and although I've heard Godspeed before, I never heard this particular track before until I heard it in the film "28 Days Later," where it sounded terrifying in the theatre. I love this song now and I must say that it went perfectly with the film. I, of course, bought the film soundtrack which is equally depressing. Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everywhere...hah! ;)


Date: 9/17/2003
I don't know 28 Days Later was pretty upbeat for our film indistry u should try living here !! Good mix
Date: 9/17/2003
that gybe! song scared me awake once.
Date: 9/17/2003
didn't notice the godspeed track when i saw the film and i never thought it had its own soundtrack, might be interesting though. good goldfrapp, aywyubttod and beta band picks.