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Bowie, Glass: Heroes

Artist Song
David Bowie  Heroes 
Philip Glass  Heroes 
David Bowie  Sense of Doubt 
Philip Glass  Sense of Doubt 
David Bowie  Sons of the Silent Age 
Philip Glass  Sons of the Silent Age 
David Bowie  Neukoln 
Philip Glass  Neukoln 
David Bowie  V2 Schneider 
Philip Glass  V2 Schneider 
David Bowie  The Secret Life of Arabia 
Philip Glass  Abdulmajid 


Six songs from David Bowie's classic album "Heroes". Each of Bowie's renditions is followed by Philip Glass' interpretation of the same song.


Date: 9/21/2003
Cool concept - I haven't listened to the Phillip Glass album in ages (maybe since it came out), but I'm going to put it right now.