i've been living in your cassette.

Artist Song
monarques  my imaginary move 
semisonic  singing in my sleep 
destroyer  this night 
the constantines  shine a light 
calexico  crystal frontier 
sixty stories  letter from mom 
sarah dougher  bella abzug 
ani difranco  falling is like this 
beth amsel  come down 
billy joel  only the good die young 
death cab for cutie  photobooth 
depeche mode  blasphemous rumours 
joydrop  beautiful [acoustic] 
karate  sever 
onelinedrawing  bitte ein kuss 
rainer maria  lost, dropped and cancelled 
reggie and the full effect  your girlfriends hate me 
rilo kiley  frug 


it's been so long since i've posted in here, and i really started to miss it. so here is the most recent mix i made, in cd format, for a friend in germany [who sent me the most fabulous of fabulous mixtapes recently]. the cdr resembles vinyl: black bottom, black top with 'ridges' etc. i'm going to try and design a jacket that is much like a record jacket... just smaller. :) i'll catch up on posting a lot of other mixes i am sure. feedback always welcome, as are trades... but very rarely will i make an additional copy of a mix like this.


abigail dice1
Date: 10/19/2003
great mix! love that death cab for cutie song. :)
Date: 10/19/2003
man, that karate song fucking rocks.