what the fuck? mix, for moni

Artist Song
jason mraz  i'll do anything 
ohGr  solow 
pulp  common people 
guster  diane 
lifter puller  cruised and accused of cruising 
the radio dept  strange things will happen 
the faint  glass danse [paul oakenfold remix] 
the constantines  shine a light 
kaki king  steamed little juicy bun 
le tigre  dyke march 2001 [aphro-dykey remix] 
banco de gaia  drippy 
lumidee/busta rhymes  never leave you 
lamb  b line 
blue man group/esthero  white rabbit 
cake  sheep go to heaven 
ben harper  steal my kisses 
sense field  here right now 
martin sexton  women and wine 
jason mraz  the remedy 


the idea that i had in mind with this mix was to mix genres as much as possible to make an upbeat crossing-genres mix cd for a friend to listen to on rainy days biking to work. i think it will achieve its intended purpose... and the thing really grew on me, too :)