taking over the world, one song at a time [concept mix, like but not the same as frankenstein]

Artist Song
the paperbacks  books as furniture [live] 
bjork/thom yorke  i've seen it all 
jorane  dit-elle 
rusted root  drum trip 
the butchies  it's over 
pedro the lion  big trucks 
the promise ring  red + blue jeans 
live  lightning crashes 
led zeppelin  over the hills and far away 
fugazi  furniture 
the bonaduces  damage deposit 
lauryn hill  can't take my eyes off of you 
dar williams  the christians and the pagans 
the happy campers  she is just the best 
cibo matto  know your chicken 
beck  beercan 
bran van 3000  drinking in l.a. 
garbage  milk 
bif naked  i died 
moby [featuring vocals by azure ray]  great escape 


slsk user roquesantacruz12 created these criteria for a themed mix. ||

1 . a live recording in your hometown or close to it|
books as furniture, the paperbacks.|
winnipeg, manitoba.
not released.||

2 . a duet|
i've seen it all, bjork and thom yorke [radiohead]
from the movie 'dancer in the dark'||

3 . a song in a language that is not english or german|
dit-elle, jorane|
francophone canadian||

4 . an instrumental|
drum trip, rusted root|
very much like a folk fest drum jam. despite some vocals, it is definitely an instrumental track.||

5 . a song from a band with a woman on drums|
it's over, the butchies|
drummer = melissa york. she rocks the casbah. also of bands like 'team dresch'||

6 . a song for driving|
big trucks, pedro the lion|
such a cute song about driving, and therefore in my opinion a good driving song||

7 . a song with the word 'blue' in it|
red + blue jeans, the promise ring|
hey, it has 'blue' in it... and isn't something that immediately would come to most people's mind||

8 . a song you first seen on tv as video|
lightning crashes, live|
i rarely watch music videos, but this is a good song and a good band||

9 . a song you know your mom/dad likes as well|
over the hills and far away, led zeppelin|
i was one of those lucky kids that grew up to zeppelin. classic yum.||

10. a song that is the first song on the album|
furniture, fugazi|
off the furniture ep, which looks really cool as well. worth buying it.||

11. a song that is the last song on the album|
damage deposit, the bonaduces|
local winnipeg band, no longer together. you can get the cd from www.endearing.com - also refer to the paperbacks [track 1] - same member 'doug mclean'||

12. a hidden track|
can't take my eyes off of you, lauryn hill|
one of a couple of 'hidden tracks' off of 'the miseducation of lauryn hill'... a really good cover song as well.||

13. a song that tells a story|
the christians and the pagans, dar williams|
like any good folk singer, dar williams tells a story with many of her songs. a 'winter holiday' song that is a bit out of the ordinary.||

14. a song where children's singing is included|
she is just the best, the happy campers|
members of the happy campers [winnipeg, mb] put together a benefit cd for the 'dream of a common language music program' the cd is called 'somebody needs a timeout' and it features lots of primarily canadian indie bands... some really popular like hayden, moneen, greg macpherson. 2 cd set, cheap. pick it up. not your typical kids album.||

15. the song with the most stupid lyrics you've ever heard but nonetheless you like.|
know your chicken, cibo matto|
'i know my chicken, you got to know your chicken' -- what the fuck? anyways, it is a cool song||

16. a song about beer|
beercan, beck|
mmmmm... beer||

17. a song about booze/schnaps|
drinking in l.a., bran van 3000|
pretty popular song up here in canuckistan. it also mentions beer, but can apply to any al-ka-ma-hol.||

18. a song about any other beverage|
milk, garbage|
i kinda cheated on this one. it's hard to find songs about beverages other than alcohol. blame rock music.||

19. a song about food/eating|
i died, bif naked|
canuck! rocks! 'i died eating french fries in the restaurant on the corner where you broke my heart'||

20. random | wildcard|
the great escape, moby [featuring vocals by azure ray]|
well, you're escaping the mix. and it's a damned good song.||

slsk user: 'folkypunk'|
email: folkypunk - at - hotmail - dot - com||

lemme know if this spreads around. maybe what you think. and if you use the template, let myself and the originating user know, cuz that would rock. and we are taking over the world after all.


Date: 10/21/2003
hooray for themed mixes
Date: 10/22/2003
your mix rules. it has a certain flow and that IS a compliment. :O