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between the rooftops and the sky

Artist Song
tom waits  yesterday is here (live) 
firewater  diamonds & gold [t. waits] 
crooked fingers  the river [b. springsteen] 
the long winters  the only living boy in new york [simon & garfunkel] 
pernice brothers  water ban 
beulah  fooled with the wrong guy (demo) 
elliott smith  miss misery 
songs: ohia  whip-poor-will (demo) 
the decemberists  grace cathedral hill 
okkervil river  it ends with a fall 
death cab for cutie  blacking out the friction 
john vanderslice  do you remember? 
ted leo/pharmacists  timorous me 
the mountain goats  ontario 
clem snide  lost on the river [h. williams] 
built to spill  car 
fountains of wayne  no better place 
the weakerthans  diagnosis 
the prom  ink on the paper 
the dismemberment plan  memory machine 


an introductory mix for my boss, who also happens to be one of my favourite human beings on the face of the earth. i tried to throw some updated versions of songs and artists i already knew he liked. he is the hippest person to work for, ever. (included 'miss misery' so he could hear the song whose title i have inked on my body forever, and also because i took 2 days off of work for elliott.) title from the fountains of wayne track.


Date: 11/4/2003
wow. i really like this. i haven't heard the long winters cover of that simon and garfunkel song. i'll have to look for it later.
Date: 11/8/2003
I see you've already heard some of the newest Firewater stuff...