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Now I Know What It Feels Like To Be God! [A Frankenstein Mix]

Artist Song
Minor Threat  Seeing Red (First Demo Tape EP) 
McClusky  Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues 
Weezer  The Good Life 
Ben Folds  The Luckiest 
Paul McCartney & Wings  Let 'em In 
The Delfonics  Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time (Jackie Brown) 
Tom Waits  Long Way Home 
Dave Matthews Band  Crash Into Me 
John Lennon  Beautiful Boy 
The Billy Nayer Show  Baby 
Young Fresh Fellows  They Don't Know 
Motley Crue  Too Fast For Love 
Justin Timberlake  Rock Your Body 
Carl Calrton  She's A Bad Mama Jama 
Boards of Canada  Turquoise Hexagon Sun 
The Eels  Susan's House (Live version from Oh What A Beautiful Morning) 
Solex  Look... No Fingerprints! 
Elliot Smith  Waltz #2 
Elvis Presley  Mystery Train 
Radiohead  Let Down 


Hello all. I haven't been around here in a while; I missed it here. Took notice of this Frankenstein project and thought I'd give it a whirl, in spite of how played out it seems to be.
1. A song from the last record you bought [I recently bought Minor Threat's First Demo Tape EP for four bucks. 9 minutes of hardcore fun.]
2. A blues: not a necessarily a blues record but a song that is labelled (something) blues [I think someone's already used this but I like it too much to go look for something else.]
3. A song that gets you going in the morning [Big fun, this song.]
4. A song that you think is romantic [The ultimate romantic song, imho. Too bad the requirements of the previous song interrupt the flow to this one. Oh well.]
5. One of the earliest records that you can remember listening to. [What can I say? I was six years old at the time. I dug it. I distinctly recall coming home from somewhere, the song playing on the radio as we pulled into the driveway, and making my parents stay in the car so I could finish listening to the rest of it.]
6. A song that you discovered from a film [Great song. Good movie.]
7. A song from your favourite band / artist [Tom Waits is god, plain and simple.]
8. A song from an artist band that you otherwise don't like, but like this one [I hate Dave Matthews but this song is nice. I almost picked STP "Plush" but now I realize I don't even like that song anymore.]
9. A Lullaby. [I'm a sucker for this one.]
10. A song that makes you laugh / you find funny [I guess putting the entire Billy Nayer Show discography wasn't a good idea so I picked this one, since it gets stuck in my head often.]
11. A really good cover version [This song almost went into the 'feel good' category.]
12. A song that reminds you of school days [I was into bad heavy metal in the early '80s. At least I jumped off that train before it turned into the Cinderella/Poison/Bon Jovi fiasco it became.]
13. A song from an artist that you are embarrassed to admit you like [I don't like NSync but Timberlake's solo album has some great R&B grooves. Did I really just say that?]
14. Whatever it is, it's got to be funky [This song always puts a smile on my face.]
15. A song for those quiet rainy days [I also like falling asleep to this song.]
16. A song that no matter when you hear it makes you `Feelgood' [This song is pure joy to me. Yes, I think Susan does forgive him.]
17. A song with the word `Look' in the title [Solex is cool.]
18. From a member of the `Dead rockers society' [RIP, Elliot.]
19. Your favourite Elvis song. [His Sun Studios stuff has always been my favorite. It was either this or Blue Moon.]
20. Wildcard - Hey, just put any song you like on! [I know we're in the midst of an enourmous Radiohead backlash but they're still one of my favorites. This song has been on my mind lately.]


Date: 11/17/2003
that delphonics song is awesome.
Hywel Davies
Date: 11/24/2003
what a gerat idea for a mix. I've gotta try it!
Date: 9/16/2005
really cool idea -- nice mix