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Justin's Beatles 20

Artist Song
The Beatles  It Won't Be Long 
The Beatles  Not A Second Time 
The Beatles  Tell Me Why 
The Beatles  No Reply 
The Beatles  I've Just Seen A Face 
The Beatles  You Won't See Me 
The Beatles  For No One 
The Beatles  And Your Bird Can Sing 
The Beatles  I Want To Tell You 
The Beatles  Getting Better 
The Beatles  Dear Prudence 
The Beatles  I'm So Tired 
The Beatles  You Never Give Me Your Money 
The Beatles  Sun King 
The Beatles  Mean Mr. Mustard 
The Beatles  Polythene Pam 
The Beatles  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 
The Beatles  Golden Slumbers 
The Beatles  Carry That Weight 
The Beatles  The End 


I love how "It Won't Be Long" kicks off With the Beatles, so I do it here. "For No One" is one of the great, underrated Beatles songs. Is there something wrong with putting almost the entire side two of Abbey Road on here, taking up almost half of the 20? I don't think so. I can't imagine listening to "You Never Give Me Your Money" without following it all the way through to the incredible climax of "The End". Musical bliss. So then, what does this all say about me?
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Date: 11/18/2003
this picture is adorable. "It won't be Long" is THE JAM.