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i've been away; i've been out of my head

Artist Song
beulah  don't forget to breathe (demo) 
the shins  saint simon 
death cab for cutie  405 (acoustic) 
owl & the pussycat  i drink to you 
jeff mangum  engine (live) 
belle & sebastian  we rule the school 
the decemberists  california one 
matt pond pa  silence 
cracker  james river 
clem snide  1989 
the mountain goats  absolute lithops effect 
elliott smith  no confidence man 
pedro the lion  lullaby 
radar brothers  rock of the lake 
the long winters  give me a moment 
ted leo/pharmacists  you could die (or this might end) 


this is what happens when you've just had yr heart ripped out and you try to act like you're thinking about something else. i made this for a kid i work with that i barely know. i hope he doesn't kill himself while he's listening to it, because this was supposed to be one of those simple, boring, "hi, this is what i like" mixes, and ended up being one of the most devastatingly depressing things i've ever heard. basically all acoustic. definitely all sad. looking back, i should've switched the b&s and jeff mangum tracks. (title from TLW.)


heather g.
Date: 12/8/2003
oh stephanie. that ted leo song is the best way to end it.
Date: 12/8/2003
ehh..if he does kill himself, it will be to good music. this rocks.
Rob Conroy
Date: 12/8/2003
At least it's a good mix... I'm sorry that you're depressed. Drop me a line one of these days.