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More to Life than Mindless FUCKING!

Artist Song
Weezer  Tired of Sex 
The Faint  Worked Up So Sexual 
Interpol  Obstacle 2 (alternative version) 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Song Against Sex 
Crooked Fingers  Sweet Marie 
Beck  Sexx Laws 
Dismemberment Plan  Girl O'Clock 
Stephen Malmus and the Jicks  Craw Song 
Liz Phair  Fuck and Run 
Pedro the Lion  Rapture 
Modest Mouse  All Nite Diner 
Cursive  A Gentleman Caller 
Belle and Sebastian  Step into my Office, Baby 
Pixies  Cactus 
Pleasure Forever  Goodnight 
Alkaline Trio  Sorry About That 
Pulp  This is Hardcore 


Ever had sex for the wrong reason? Well, so have all these bands.


Date: 1/12/2004
Haha! Good work. Good idea. Many good choices. My verdict? Very... good.
Professor Poserlad
Date: 1/13/2004
wow, this is pretty awesome. and yeah!
Brave Little Toaster
Date: 1/14/2004
Very nice. This one took a lot of thought. I like it!!! I especially like the Pedro, Cursice and B & S picks. Oh yeah, and the Interpol song.