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Indie Rock Slowdance

Artist Song
Modest Mouse  Sleepwalking 
Righteous Brothers  Unchained Melody 
My Morning Jacket  Sweetheart 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 
Fruitbats  Slipping Through the Senses 
Blur  To The End 
The Wrens  13 Months in 6 Minutes 
Spiritualized  Ladies and Gentlmen we are Floating in Space 
Radiohead  How to Disappear Completely 
Sigur Ros  The Nothing Song 
Wilco  We're Just Friends 
Archers of Loaf  Chumming the Oceans 


This year Prom will probably be the usual bland boring R+B and gay acoustic guitar gay slow dances. Blehhh. If only they played my slow songs. Then I would be happy. And more likely to give head.


Date: 1/30/2004
rosy red berry
Date: 1/31/2004
hearing across the universe on your radio over the phone reminds me of my mortality.
there are certian phrases that light my mind on fire. (it happens that you know more of them than i'm comfortable with.)

(you should enter my contest too.)