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who the fucking hell are slipknot

Artist Song
broken social scene  capture the flag 
m83  run into flowers 
half man half biscuit  vatican broadside 
new end original   hostage 
jawbreaker  accident prone 
the essex green  the late great cassiopia 
st thomas  the cool song 
snow patrol  run 
the shins  saint simon 
death cab for cutie   the sound of settling 
broken social scene  anthems for a seventeen year old girl 
franz ferdinand  take me out 
ash  uncle pat 
funeral for a friend  escape artists never die 
the killers  jenny 
ted leo + the pharmacists  where have all the rude boys gone 
the violent femmes  blister in the sun 
calexico  black heart 


ok, i made this little ditty for scott (bravelittletoaster). he has good music taste and is a very nice chap. i would give him a good user rating if this was an auction site. it isn't though.
this cd is also part of a mix chain type thingy set up by ash when aotm was down in early january. i should probably thank him actually for a couple of the songs on here. thanks.
hope you enjoy it scott. i've already posted it so it should be there soon


French Connection
Date: 2/5/2004
Don't know 75% of this Chris but what I do know is trTs bien. Wouldn't mind a copy of this myself. Your mix is on it's way.
rosy red berry
Date: 2/5/2004
Brave Little Toaster
Date: 2/9/2004
chris, you are too kind. i was home sick today and got the cds. great, great stuff. the beauty of it is that the only songs from this mix i know are the shins and death cab tracks. (and "blister in the sun" of course.) but i love your taste, so i'm sure i'll love this. thanks for throwing in "champignons" as well. let's do it again!