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the sunset and the electric bill

Artist Song
the wrens  i've made enough friends 
clem snide  let's make it 
pernice brothers  all i know 
fountains of wayne  kid gloves 
haley bonar  drinking again 
mike doughty  all the dirt 
the mountain goats  twin human highway flares 
sufjan stevens  for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti 
lullaby for the working class  this is as close as we get 
nico  i'll keep it with mine 
the shins  pink bullets 
brendan benson  house in virginia 
owl and the pussycat  i drink to you 
metric  on the sly 
havergal  lungs for the race 
the decemberists  oceanside 


holding our drinks like wrecked statues.

(title is a lullaby for the working class song. i wonder a lot what everyone out there thinks these things are about. this is one of those that's so personal i don't even want to send it. suffice it to say it's for a boy, and it's all kinds of complicated. je t'adore.)


Charlie Rose
Date: 2/7/2004
Great mix. I especially like the Mountain Goats pick.