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CD | Single Artist


Artist Song
The Microphones  I Want Wind to Blow 
Cat Power  Don't Blame You 
Broken Social Scene  I'm Still Your Fag 
Doris Day  It's You or No One 
Elliott Smith  Between the Bars 
Of Montreal  It's Just So 
Ladybug Transistor  The Great British Spring 
The Books  Motherless Bastard 
The Wrens  The House that Guilt Built 
Bonnie "Prince" BIlly  The Way 
Modest Mouse  Dark Center of the Universe 
The Flaming Lips  The Observer 
Pavement  At & T 
Appleseed Cast  Steps and Numbers 


This was meant for listening to with headphones on, as a passenger in a car, train, bus or plane on an extended trip (at least two hours). (Please note, this is NOT a "road trip" disc.) I recommend staring out the window while listening. This mix may not go well with rainy weather (sorry Seattlites). Thank you for considering my mix.


rosy red berry
Date: 3/25/2004
brilliant. i'd love a copy... tha is, if you've got a spare.
Professor Poserlad
Date: 3/26/2004
ohhh. nick the prick. looks pretty slice to me.