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THE CURE vs. THE SMITHS: the epic analogue battle between 2 mopey bands REMATCHED (for mickeywack)

Side A
Artist Song
The Smiths  Panic 
The Cure  Babble 
The Smiths  Barbarism Begins At Home 
The Cure  Catch 
The Smiths  The Queen Is Dead/Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty 
The Cure  Shake Dog Shake 
The Smiths  Paint A Vulgar Picture 
The Cure  Want 
The Smiths  Reel Around The Fountain 
The Cure  Maybe Someday (acoustic) 
Side B
The Smiths  Rusholme Ruffians 
The Cure  A Letter To Elise 
The Smiths  Stretch Out And Wait 
The Cure  Play For Today 
The Smiths  I Know It's Over 
The Cure  Plainsong 
The Smiths  A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours 
The Cure  3 Imaginary Boys 
The Smiths  Asleep 
The Cure ft. Earl Slick  A Forest (mark plati mix) 


Heheh. Alternating DJ's. I am a wit. Anyways, one of my favorite things to do is make Cure vs. Smiths mixes, I discovered. This one... breaking out the less popular things. The Smiths with Panic... +10 to popularity and "getting the kids going", if you will.. but then, THE CURE, with Babble! +15 to unique B-sides. The battle continues. Make up your own crappy role playing scenario. In the end, The Smiths finish with the testosterone-fueled aggro-ballad ASLEEP. And the supercool Cure A FOREST remix (+10 to rare). Who wins? WHO CARES. They're both lovely. So's Mickey. Enjoy, kind fellow. And no, there's no "Friday I'm In Love" or "How Soon Is Now?". But there's greatest hits samplers from the grey MASTERS collection that you can probably get for under $9.99 these days. No epic battles on compilations, though.
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Date: 3/31/2004
Brilliant. Pure genius. You should copy them and sell them with a pint or two of Guiness and an Ambien. Bonus points for including "Rusholme Ruffians."
Hannigan, homicide
Date: 4/1/2004
At the Black Cat in Washington DC we have regular Smiths vs Cure DJ nights. Nice mix.
Date: 4/2/2004
Hehehehe - not only a good mix but also cracks me up - testosterone-fuelled aggro ballad indeed! :) And the picture is fabulous. Many, many points for no How Soon Is Now or Friday I'm In Love - your picks from both bands are GREAT and also extra points for Paint A Vulgar Picture. I love the Rusholme - Letter - Stretch Out progression too. My vote will always be for The Smiths, but yeah, they're well-matched opponents.
Date: 4/2/2004
I am sooooo happy you didn't put Friday I'm In Love on here, I loath that song, but LOVE the Cure...good battle!