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The Lost Halloween in Hell-A - Volume Two

Artist Song
Talking Heads  Road to Nowhere 
Rusted Root  Send Me on My Way 
Ceili Rain  Long Black Cadillac 
Johnny Lang  Lie to Me 
Iggy Pop  The Passenger 
Mr. Oizo  Flat Beat 
Robbie Williams  Rock DJ 
The Verve  Bittersweet Symphony 
Aerosmith  Pink 
Citizen King  Better Days 
Counting Crows  Hanging Around 
Le Tigre  Hot Topic 
Dynamite Hack  Boyz 'n the Hood 
Green Day  Hitchin' a Ride 
Lisa Loeb  I Do 
Soul Coughing  Circles 
War  Low Rider 
Stevie Wonder  Superstition 


This is the cruisin' portion of the trip. Still, no Halloween songs. Oh well. I haven't actually tested these mixes on the road, so if someone tries it out, lemme know how it is.