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Chatter Blocker

Artist Song
Andy Hunter  Go 
Doc Scott  Shadow Boxing 
Amon Tobin  Get Your Snack On 
Mr. Scruff  Chipmunk 
Mint Royale  From Rusholme with Love 
Kid Koala  Skanky Panky 
Four Tet  Misnomer 
Radiohead  Meeting in the Aisle 
Outside  To Forgive but Not Forget 
Digweed  Heaven Scent 
Red Snapper  Bogeyman 
UNKLE  Rabbit in Your Headlights (Underdog Instrumental) 
Photek  The Seven Samurai (Remix) 
Aphex Twin  Bucephalus Bouncing Ball 
Lamb  Angelica 


A mix requested by a friend. He wanted something new to listen to on his headphones at work to drown out the chatter his coworkers create. And he wanted something without vocals, otherwise he'd be too distracted while he worked. I made two CDs for him, one of which is this (mostly) techno mix.