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all we have are our love and our guts, baby

Artist Song
Bitch & Animal  Traffic 
Eels  Love of the Loveless 
Alkaline Trio  '97 
Tom Waits  Anywhere I Lay My Head 
Cursive  The Radiator Hums 
Get Up Kids  Last Place You Look 
PJ Harvey  Missed 
Desaparecidos  Manana 
Appleseed Cast  Kilgore Trout 
Afghan Whigs  I Keep Coming Back (Reprise) 
Radiohead  How Can You Be Sure? 
My Morning Jacket  Mahgeetah 
Jeff Buckley  Last Goodbye 
Ani D  Buildings & Bridges 
Neil Young  Harvest Moon 
Ben Kweller  How It Should Be (Sha Sha) 


Well, this is not actually a break-up mix per se. It's a mix in response to torgar's mix, "have we come untied?", which he classified as breakup. So. The Whigs track is listed as "Reprise" because it appeared on another mix I gave this boy, a long while back, before all our troubles. The beginning tracks set up the how and the why for the relationship hiatus that I instigated; the latter part of the mixes changes mood, gets a little lighter, a little more willing to reconsider- "I keep coming back for a little more of your love". Yep, I do. There's a reason for that, but let's tread carefully, shall we? There's a whole 9 tracks preceding that one documenting my pain and sense of abandonment, so.. caution, boy. Caution.

PS: The photo is by a noir photog named Nicholas Lawrus. It's available on his webpage and on Beautiful stuff. The title comes from track one.
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James Jackson
Date: 5/2/2004
Great line-up. Good stuff here!!!