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"Goodnight sweet prince..." - Jonathan's Mix

Artist Song
Yellowcard  Way Away 
Counting Crows  Black and Blue 
Sarah McLachlan  Fallen 
Elliott Smith  Waltz #2 
Gavin Degraw  Lay Me On The Water 
Jason Mraz  The Boy's Gone 
Guster  Rocketship 
Sarah McLachlan  Angel 
Jump, Little Children  Cathedrals 
Mazzy Star  Into Dust 
Over The Rhine  Latter Days 
R.E.M  Everybody Hurts 
Ben Folds Five  Magic 
Howie Day  Come Lay Down 
Jimmy Eat World  Hear You Me 
Creed  Lullaby 
Yellowcard  One Year, Six Months 
Elliott Smith  Happiness 


This mix is in memory of someone very special to me who took his own life in November of last year. I made this mix as a way to tell the story. The first 5 songs are basically my speculation on how he felt. 6 through 10 are about his actual death and the time after. The last 8 are my own personal hearing the news, how I hope things are now, etc. Had to end with "Happiness" because that seems to be the song I've attached to all of this.


Date: 5/18/2004
Date: 5/18/2004
absolutely gorgeous.