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About a Boy -- The Unofficial Soundtrack (Music from and inspired by the novel by Nick Hornby)

Artist Song
The Smashing Pumpkins  Tonight, Tonight 
Supersonic Soul Pimps  The Day I Became Cool 
Steve Miller Band  The Joker 
The Beatles  Nowhere Man 
Bobby Vinton  Mr. Lonely 
The Doors  People Are Strange 
Joni Mitchell  Big Yellow Taxi 
David Bowie  Changes 
Joni Mitchell  Both Sides Now 
Bob Dylan  Knockin' on Heaven's Door 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  Fire and Rain 
Roberta Flack  Killing Me Softly 
Nirvana  All Apologies 
Blue Oyster Cult  Don't Fear the Reaper 
Bob Marley  No Woman, No Cry 
Nick Drake  Black Eyed Dog 
Joan Jett  Bad Reputation 
Nirvana  Smells Like Teen Spirit 
Devo  Through Being Cool 
Garbage  When I Grow Up 
Boomtang Boys  Both Sides Now 


My girlfriend thought this "soundtrack" was a perfect companion to the novel (don't forget to check out her soundtrack for 'High Fidelity'). Some of the songs "inspired by" the novel are pretty corny, I suppose. And I ususally won't put anything by the abominable Boomtang Boys on any mix but it seemed to fit here-- it's just the kind of thing a record company would hurriedly slap onto a movie soundtrack. It's pretty over-the-top cheesy, which can be good for a laugh. Besides, I put it at the end so it can be easily skipped. Anyway, I won't apologize for the obviousness of some of the songs since I've also thrown on a couple of cooler tunes. My girlfriend and I really like the Supersonic Soul Pimps song. I'm rambling now, aren't I? Oh well. Enjoy the soundtrack and read the book! It's fantastic!


Date: 11/7/2000
fun soundtrack, to go with a great book -- but maybe slide in another Nirvana song in honor of Kirk O'bane (the soccer player)?
Date: 11/8/2000
Excellent! Much attention has been given to the mix qualities of High Fidelity (for obvious reasons), but little attention has been paid to the mix qualities of About a Boy. And what a great mix, too!
Date: 11/11/2000
I'll second Michael Steinmetz' remark that this an idea that I've thought of doing - points to you for seeing it through. I should really get it together and actually finish the book, too (I'm too much of a non-fiction / music mag junkie). I'll check put your High Fidelity, too.
Date: 4/7/2002
awesome! I love that book! yeah, more kirk o'bane!!

this is a very cool idea. yay!
Date: 4/30/2003
haha this is great. i especially love the joni mitchell tracks, not because its joni mitchell, but because of the book!