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inverse morning music for those on a night shift

Side A
Artist Song
elliot smith  2:45 am 
nico  no one is there 
mum  we have a map of the piano 
tweaker ft. mellowdrone  worse than yesterday 
jeff buckley  corpus christi carol 
leonard cohen  anthem 
skinny puppy  dOwnsizer 
scarling  alexander the burn victim 
martin l. gore  stardust 
chet baker  angel eyes 
david bowie  neukoln 
ultravox  hiroshima mon amour 
Side B
interpol  leif erikson 
the cure  purple haze 
van morrison  linden arden stole the highlights 
nick drake  things behind the sun 
giuseppe tartini  cello concerto in d major grave 
rasputina  dig ophelia 
velvet underground  stephanie says 
tori amos  cooling 
the decemberists  here i dreamt i was an architect 
bauhaus  hollow hills 
einsturzende neubauten  in circles 
the beatles  across the universe 


submitted to my friend jesse under the title "there is a crack in everything..." however, this is inverse morning music. that is, i go to sleep at around 3:00 (after I get home from work) and wakeup at 12:00 midnight. it's kind of weird.