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Crooked French Canadians

Artist Song
Nina Simone  Feeling Good 
Patti Smith  Jubilee 
The Decemberists  July, July! 
The Desaparecidos  Hole in One 
Frou Frou  Let Go 
Built to Spill  You Were Right 
TV on the Radio  Staring at the Sun 
The Promise Ring  B is for Bethlehem 
stellastarr*  My Coco 
PJ Harvey  The Desperate Kingdom of Love 
Rainer Maria  Tinfoil (Live) 
Tom Waits  Cold Cold Ground 
Sonic Youth  Teenage Riot 


I mainly titled this "Crooked French Canadians" (a lyrical clip from the Decemberists track) because I was recently recounting my run-in with the disbelieving diabetic at the Canadian customs post-It. In other words, it has no significance.

This is a mix for Niks, which I gave to her upon arriving at long last for a visit to the city. It features a lot of good new-ish stuff, and some not so new but good-ish. It also involves a lot of cool women, which makes me smile!
Notes: thanks to Kat and the Garden State trailer for the fab Frou Frou track. Thanks to Tom Waits for writing another incredible song. And thanks to Jesus for appearing in the Promise Ring track, which is all-summer, all the time.


lipstick vogue
Date: 7/19/2004
And thanks to Jesus for appearing in the Promise Ring track...that line almost made me shoot Dr.Pepper out of my nose in a fit of laughter. Grossness aside, you've a got a nice mix going there.