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Don't Tell Anybody The Secrets I Told You

Artist Song
Lucinda Williams  I Just Wanted To See You So Bad 
Hole  Hit So Hard 
Lucinda Williams  Six Blocks Away 
Hole  Malibu 
Lucinda Williams  Essence 
Courtney Love  Life Despite God 
Lucinda Williams  Righteously 
Hole  Star Belly 
Lucinda Williams  Those Three Days 
Hole  Rock Star 
Lucinda Williams  Real Live Bleeding Fingers And Broken Guitar Strings 
Hole  Credit In The Straight World 
Lucinda Williams  Car Wheels On A Gravel Road 
Hole  Violet 
Lucinda Williams  Drunken Angel 
Hole  Awful 
Lucinda Williams  I Lost It 
Courtney Love  All The Drugs 
Lucinda Williams  Metal Firecracker 
Hole  Sunset Strip 
Lucinda Williams  Atonement 


This was going to be quite a different mix when I started out. It was going to include songs from Dar Williams, songs from Kate Jacobs, a song from Juliana, a song from the Von Bondies even. It might even have included Sara Evans and Carolyn Dawn Johnson. But it soon became apparent that this is what it needed to be.

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Date: 7/21/2004
I love Lucinda so your secret is safe with me.